Love Letter

Smirnoff Experience / UK Film Council

Romance / Drama / 16mm, 8 mins, 2005

“A lyrical, tender nail-biter!” Independent on Sunday, 2005

Festivals & Awards


Winner, Best Foreign Film, cortoLovere Int. Short Film Festival 2007
Latitude, South East England 2007
Britspotting, Berlin 2007
Very Short Movies Film Festival, LA 2007
4th Halloween Film Festival, London 2007
NLFF, Newcastle 2006
51st Cork Film Festival, Ireland 2006
British Film Week, Romania 2006
Bitesize Cinema, UK tour, 2006
Shortlisted, Rushes Soho Shorts, London 2006
Finalist, 15th Kodak Film Showcase, London 2006
British Film Week, Kosovo 2006
Brief Encounters, Bristol 2005
Raindance Film Festival, London 2005
49th London Film Festival 2005
Winner, Smirnoff Reel Talent Award, London 2005

Main Cast & Crew


Starring: Daniel Appleby, Jaime Winstone, Nicola Blackwell, Rachel Jones and Andy McAlpine


Written and Directed by: Richard Fenwick
Produced by: Hayley Manning
Executive Producers: Lachlan Mackinnon, Paola Minazzato
Director of Photography: Lol Crawley
Editor: Paul Hardcastle
Production Designer: James McAleer
Location Manager: Mark Gales
Costume Designer: Hannah Moth
Film Colourist: Mark Gethin @ The Moving Picture Company
Composers: Simon Oldhams, Daniel Mallender
Sound Design: Michael Powell

Company Info


Made with the support of The Smirnoff Experience Reel Talent Award through The Hospital and Smirnoff Experience

Sponsors: The Script Factory, Intrepido, The Independent on Sunday, Shorts International, Northern Film & Media, UK Film Council, One Norht East, Ipso Facto Films

The Smirnoff Experience Reel Talent Award presents An Ipso Facto Films Production. © Richard Fenwick, Ipso Facto Films Ltd and Intrepido Limited MMV


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