I am offering help at any stage of the writing process, from ideas and outlines to exploratory drafts and rewrites. This can come in any format you wish – from troubleshooting notes and written reports to one-to-one calls.

I can be a sounding board, a guide, a hands-on editor, or all three at once.


I can help with common early problems when embarking on your script; areas like identifying your theme, developing you protagonist and finding the conflict in your premise.

After that, I can guide you through an exploratory first draft: those first 90-120 pages that get your voice and ideas down on paper.


No one likes rewrites (and I mean no one!), but they are the most important stage of the process. Less creative than your exploratory first draft and more about structure, they get tough with what you’re trying to say and how you’re trying to say it.

Many a first draft has been cast ashore the rocks of a rewrite. I can help you through this maelstrom, testing your characters and their motivations against the conflicts they face and the story design that develops.

It’s true that scripts get harder the further you progress but when they come together it is also a life-affirming process, making the journey thoroughly worthwhile.

It is important to get through the rewrites in one piece and I have the experience to help you achieve that.


Polishing a script is all about feeling confident it is ready to send out. I can help you elevate your writing style and make your script feel ‘finished’.

Rewrites fade away once the structure of your script is there. Then it’s time to really tighten it so that each and every word that’s left is needed.

If a script reads at the right pace it will start to feel right, and your industry readers will relax into your story, aware that they’re in good hands.


Bespoke services call for bespoke prices so get in touch and we can discuss your project today: info@richardfenwick.com